The Zypps closed loop prepaid card was developed by Zyleck to solve at least two of the key issues of eCommerce adoption in developing markets – (1) Security and (2) widely available inexpensive payment mechanisms. In developing markets cash is still the predominant way of paying for goods and services. However, it is not a good payment mechanism for remote transactions, which are necessary for ecommerce growth. Cash is also not only a very expensive way of transacting, but it is one of the most unsecure payment mechanisms as the knowledge of the possession of cash is one of the greatest incentives for thieves. Zypps is a marketplace created by Zyleck for its more efficient transport network company (TNC) model. The two primary mobility services of Zypps TNC model are the transport of people and packages. As Zyleck takes its Zypps marketplace to developing countries it is essential that it provides a payment mechanism for (a) riders to easily and inexpensively pay for rides (b) merchants to accept payments from customers remotely to enable these merchants to use the Zypps marketplace for last mile package shipping. Zypps closed loop prepaid card is therefore essential for the success of the Zypps marketplace in developing countries.
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